British Rail Class 313 205 in Southern Coastway Livery Single Colour Tags


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After 47 years of carrying passengers on the ECML, North London Line before retiring to the South Coast Class 313 205 joins the Rail Tags Fleet.

The Class 313 is a 3 car dual voltage electric multiple unit by British Rail Engineering Limited at Holgate Works for service on the Great Northern Electrics route out of Moorgate to Welwyn GC and Herford North. They have a reputation of being one of the most revolutionary and versatile pieces of rolling stock produced for the BR network paving the way for innovation of future rolling stock production.

205 was built in 1976/1977 and was delivered as 313 005. She started her life carrying customers up and down the newly electrified Great Northern Electrics routes on the East Coast Mainline before being displaced onto North London Line services. During her career on the NLL 205 got to ride the rails to some unique places like Croxley Green, Broad Street and North Woolwich which are all now confined to time. After being made redundant on the line by Class 378 Capitalstars during the London Overground rejuvenation project she was once again reclassified as 313 205 during a refurbishment at Wolverton Works which allowed another decade of life to the 313s.

313 205 was retired in May 2023 after 47 years of service, making it one of the oldest units on the British Rail network at the time of withdrawal only being outnumbered by the Bakerloo Line 1972 Stock and the much cherished Piccadilly Line 1973 Stock. 205 was then sent to Eastleigh Works for disposal which took place in September 2023.

We managed to get our hands on several panels from 205 which gave us the opportunity to produce the most variants to date. (Something I don’t think we’ll be able to achieve again… a dozen to be precise!) These have been a pleasure to produce, from riding 205 in revenue service to seeing her stood down in the yard and being able to keep the legacy of these great machines going.

All tags produced are made of aluminium.

The Single Colour variants are offered in 5 styles: 

Light Green – Cut from general sections of the bodyside

Yellow – Extra thick tags cut from the non drivers side of the DMSOs. 

Dark Green – Cut from various sections of the bodyside.

Grey – Cut from the Coastway branding sections of the bodyside

White – Also cut from the Coastway branding sections.

Disclaimer: All our tags are cut and produced from real rolling stock components and skin. Our tags are made of and covered in industrial paints. These paints can be dangerous and cause harm if inhaled or ingested. We do not recommend giving our products to young children. 


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Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, White, Grey


Painted / Vinyled Aluminium Panels