Rail Tags Care Guide

by | Sep 23, 2022

Rail Tag Rolling Stock Maintenance Guide: Corrosion

As the release of Edition One fast approaches, we decided to put together this blog post to help you preserve your tags condition.

Unlike other vehicle tags available some of our releases may be produced out of different types of metal depending on the era the rolling stock was manufactured.

For example, edition one of Rail Tags is produced out of is mild steel, which can be very reactive towards water meaning rusting could occur if the conditions are right enough.

This doesn’t mean if you expose your tag to water it’ll be permanently damaged by corrosion however we still advise against bringing your tag into contact with water. On the occasion where your tag is put in contact with water, dry it off immediately using a cloth or towel. If rust forms on the edges of the tag you can use sanding abrasive to remove the rust. A sanding sponge is highly recommended.

As the tags are prone to rust around the edges and in the engraving with exposure to water we must state we don’t use rust inhibitors on our tags. It is up to your own discretion whether you attempt to add any form of corrosion inhibitors to your tags.

This photo shows two tags after the waterjet cutting process, note the difference between the two. We recommend sanding sponges on our tags to clear up rust as we find sponges easier to use on the edges then sandpaper and other abrasives

Rail Tags Edition One releases Friday the 21st of October 2022.