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A Little About Me:


Hi, my name is Aryan, I started Rail Tags in Summer 2022 as a passion project. I’ve been a railway enthusiast for as long as I can remember.

Growing up in London I’ve always been used to the sight of trains, from the depths of the London Underground to seeing HSTs thunder past at 125mph.

When I was a young teen, I remember seeing trains I’ve admired and grown up with like the C69/77 & D78 Stock go into retirement. It was a disappointment realising they would disappear forever, most scrapped and turned into things like cans and razor blades, unrecognisable from the life they once had.

It’s always a sad sight to see great machines come to the end of their life, but there’s always a bit of excitement about the chance of collecting artefacts from these vehicles. I remember scouring everywhere I could, trying to collect what I could off the C & D Stock trains. It was fun to collect parts from them.

I was inspired to start Rail Tags from the aviation industry. Seeing companies like Aviationtag upcycle withdrawn aircraft and preserving their legacy was fascinating. The first one I got was from an ex British Airways Boeing 747-400. Growing up near Heathrow Airport I’m just as used to the sight of planes flying overhead as I am to the sight of trains. It is something special realising what you hold in your hand knowing where it came from, if people can do this with aircraft we can do it with rolling stock. And that is where the idea was born.

Rail Tags About Us
London Underground A60 Tube Stock at Booths Rotherham waiting to be scrapped.

Our Mission:


Once a train has lived out it’s useful days they are often sent to the siding in the sky. They’re gutted of all valuable parts, maybe sold to enthusiasts or as spares to keep other trains going. Once this has happened you are often left with nothing but a bodyshell on wheels that is shredded into pieces.

The gutted bodyshells themselves don’t have a lot of value, most of it is scrap value. What we do is upcycle those bodyshells into a product that authentically represents its history as a once workhorse of our rails.

No matter how popular or unpopular a piece of rolling stock may be there is always a sense of nostalgia and emotion they invoke once they leave our network.

 Whether your someone who wants a piece of their favourite train, someone who has fond memories working on them or just an avid collector of railwayana there’s a rail tag for everyone!

One day I hope we can achieve much more than just turning unwanted trains into tags, maybe even save one from scrap ourselves. But until then we’re going to continue bringing you more of we enjoying making the most. – Rail Tags.

Photo on left: London Underground A60 Tube Stock awaiting it’s fate before heading to the siding in the sky (CC BY-SA 2.0 – Bengley1)